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How mindfulness can make you more productive (+10 minutes meditation exercise)

Steve Jobs used it to quiet his mind and get more creative. Kobe Bryant finds in it a way to have a laser-like focus. Mindfulness can change the way you live your life, including work and personal relationships. Here are the benefits and useful links to start being mindful in your everyday life.

Facebook LIVE vs Periscope: which one will you be using?

Is Facebook LIVE better than Periscope? How do you like to use Facebook reactions? And what do we think of ads featuring gay couples? Welcome to this week’s Dinglecast. [1:02] What’s going on in our lives [4:42] Facebook LIVE vs Periscope [10:26] How can brands can use Facebook LIVE or Periscope [14:28] Facebook has introduced…

DJ Khaled 🔑, snowboarding in NY and the Making a Murderer craze

Season 2 of Dinglecast is finally here! The format will be of shorter, faster episodes, where we talk about mainly two things: – What’s going on in our lives (5-10 mins) – What’s hot and trending in the digital world (20-30 mins) Special guest today: @Valtterio DJ Khaled: a major key to success 🔑🔑🔑 Image:…

Why Twitter is like a bar?

I started using Twitter four years ago. I have tweeted 900 times during that time. That´s not a lot of tweets but there is a reason for it, I lost my motivation for a while. Here is why: Twitter is like a bar. You walk into bar looking for a conversation and some company. As…

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