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Creepy things Facebook is (probably) not doing

Settle in deeper into your arm chair. Cosy up closer to your friend by the campfire and hold hands. Make sure your flashlight doesn’t run out of battery under the blanket. If you only get spooked by non-fiction, you might not get a jump out of this blog post. After all, the scenarios presented here are completely made up…ish?

Sticker Sprites bring branding to Snapchat

Sticker sprites enable you to bring your own graphics to your snapstories. This gives you possibilities beyond emojis, default stickers and geofilters. 

What in the World Is Marketing Automation?

With a huge, booming market and continued growth, the demand in companies for marketing automation tools is greater than ever. Back in 2014, for example, there were nearly 11 times more B2B organizations using them than in 2011. That trend has only strengthened.

As more and more start their buyer's journey, service providers like Dingle continue to encounter new prospects with the same fundamental and very important question: What is marketing automation and what can it mean for us? I’m going to try to define the term and explore the phenomenon, focusing on what it is, who it’s for and why you should care. 

Ready? Let’s go.

The plan is 50% of the live stream - consider this before you go on air

Unless you have been living under a sizeable boulder for the past two years or so you have probably come across a live-stream on Facebook or Twitter. This is not a novelty but still the implementation of these technologies into effective marketing seems a bit distant to companies.


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