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Dingle is a social business advisory.

Dingle is a leading social business advisory in Finland. Our mission is to help companies find business opportunities and build strategies to succeed in the changing digital environment


Today people spend more time interacting with each other on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks than they do watching TV or listening to the radio. Those people are your employees, managers, stakeholders and customers. Our mission is to help companies find and build strategies to turn the rise of digital interaction into business benefits.
People read their friends’ comments, recommendations and mocks – and take them seriously. A brand must follow, react and often also contribute and promote the constant online discussion carried by social technologies More than 100 brands have entrusted us to improve their operations through social business. Is your brand next?


Our ethics

As we help companies and brands engage openly and respectfully in discussion, our aim is to build lasting ties between a brand and its target groups. The actions we take to fulfil our mission are transparent, and follow a set of ethical rules.

We follow the below ethical guidelines in our actions in social media, please do not ask us to break any of them. Dingle also commits to follow the fair play -guidelines of the ASML and the ethics code of WOMMA.

  1. Dingle always acts as guided by its clients with respect to consumers.

  2. We do not spam. All messages sent by us are sent by request.

  3. We do not steer, bribe or pressurize anyone to communicate in a favorable way.

  4. We respect the habits and conditions of the respectful channel.

  5. All communication done for our customers is truthful.

  6. We respect the right to privacy and do not distribute personal information to third parties.

  7. All content produced by us has a genuine source. We do not make up people or companies.

  8. We follow the Finnish law in our actions.


Our values

We believe in a new kind of working culture: our people work at any time at any place they want and in the office there are no cubicles or own desks. Coming to the office is a way to mingle and be part of a great team, where the meaning of “colleagues” and “friends” often melts into one another. Our personel are encouraged to dare and to take risks, but always with respect to others, to our customers and to society.

  • Do Good.

  • Courage.

  • Freedom.

  • Rockin’ Culture.

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We’re here to make your brand thrive and get talked about in the new socially networked era. Our focused, relentless work will help your brand benefit from the digital conversation across Europe.

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