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The plan is 50% of the live stream – consider this before you go on air

Unless you have been living under a sizeable boulder for the past two years or so you have probably come across a live-stream on Facebook or Twitter. This is not a novelty but still the implementation of these technologies into effective marketing seems a bit distant to companies. Why are we streaming?   That is…

From modern day career building to luring creativity

An interview with Aaron Sandhu. In this episode we discuss modern day career building and the importance of networking when working as a freelancer.

What 200+ Self Help Books have taught me on Productivity, Diet and Sex

What if we’d tell you that by reading few books you can get better at everything you do, find your best self and live happily ever after?

Experience design: the next business revolution

What is Experience Design and how did Patagonia designed a great experience to be successful: an interview with Patrick Zimmermann.

10 lessons from the King of advertising – David Ogilvy

It’s simple: in a world where anything you want is at a click’s distance, one of the few possibilities you have to get noticed is to do something different.


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