Shine like a star

Everyone’s the star of their own life

Dingle was in charge of designing a large product launch campaign for the Huawei Nova 3 smartphone. The campaign featured Huawei’s brand ambassador Antti Tuisku (Warner Music), a beloved Finnish pop singer, who encouraged Finns to tell what made them shine like a star.

“We all have people and things in our lives that make us shine like a star. Our mission with Huawei is to give life to as many new stars as possible and make them glimmer.” – Antti Tuisku

The project took shape as a large-scale outdoor advertising and social media campaign. And Finns loved its message. People sent messages to Antti sharing what things in their lives made them shine like a star. Antti picked the two most inspiring stories and arranged an unforgettable day of surprises for the winners