Vaasan Sähkö

#oletkaunis – You are beautiful

Sharing good energy brings out the smiles

Vaasan Sähkö, a Finnish electricity company, wanted to spread the good energy from their home town Vaasa and make Finns happier and more cheerful. The question we began with was – what does it mean to have your roots in the city of Vaasa? From this starting point we designed a content marketing campaign for Vaasan Sähkö’s Instagram account.

The answer to our question was found in the people of Vaasa themselves. What this bilingual coastal city, its residents and its own electricity company were full of was warmth and joy. We wanted to share this across Finland.

Our solution was to spread this warmth and joy to strangers, to random people we met on the streets and at different events around the country. Our message to them was simply “You are beautiful”. Capturing people’s reactions, we made a mini-video-series for Instagram, with only one goal: to make people happy.

The positivity of the concept worked. We were able to reach millions of Finns with an excellent CPM, reflecting the fact that Vaasan Sähkö has raised their brand awareness from being a local operator to one of the best-known energy companies in Finland