Here at Dingle, trying out new things has always been more of a rule than an exception. If we don’t know how something’s done, we find it out. As the industry is constantly changing, we need to have the courage to do so as well – both as a company and as individuals.
Freedom is the cornerstone of everything we do. We work where it’s most comfortable and efficient. The popularity of the home office and gathering storm clouds go hand in hand while a sunny day makes work flow better in the park. Of course at times the beauty of our industrial office space and creative professionals around inspires the most. Freedom also stands for a a permission to make suggestions and share ideas regarding one’s own work, as well as common practices and projects.
We do good at Dingle – not just to our customers but to others as well. Doing good may mean raising money for disaster areas, organizing a collection of donatable clothes, or just baking treats for our co-workers.
What do you get when you combine great people, a relaxed atmosphere, and occasional long workdays in definite need of some afterwork? We came up with Dingle Party Team. DPT has the main responsibility of all the exciting activities that happen out of office hours. Over the years we’ve had cottage trips, game nights, beer tasting, and of course the legendary DPT goes Lahti.
Well-being is not a small matter. Each month we take both team spirit and physical strength to a new level in DingleFit events where we try out new sports. We’ve gone bouncing on trampolines, tried our balance in stand up paddleboarding, and trained our skills in self-defence. Naturally all this exercise is evened out by eating out together in the spirit of DingleFat.
Sharing is caring, whether it comes to life’s joys and sorrows, good ideas, or bad jokes. No amount of busy is too much to stop you from asking how your colleague is doing. Everything comes to a halt, however, when someone’s dog sweeps through the door.
The best thing about cooperation is that you can always have your say. The greatest solutions don’t always come from the most obvious direction: sometimes it’s good to ask for the designer’s take on strategy or hear how the media planner would visualize the solution.