Oriflame is a direct-selling beauty company present in more than 60 countries. Fall 2012, they needed to boost their Facebook page with a product-centered and engaging campaign to bring new fans and create awareness for their products. The campaign was tied to the new More by Demi –product line, which was to be launched at the same time.


We planned and produced a Facebook campaign and application starring the new More by Demi bag. The campaign’s key idea ”You can find almost anything in a woman’s purse” was displayed by checking the contents of the More by Demi bag. In this case, “almost anything” would mean a variety of items ranging from wooden dogs and princess tiaras to Oriflame products. Finding Oriflame products in the bag would of course mean winning them for oneself.


The campaign was a huge success in terms of the activity it spawned on Oriflame Finland’s page setting a new record for “talking about this” in the page’s history. The app page received more than 22 000 visits from over 
13 600 unique users. Over 4 400 stories were created through the app and shared on Facebook. Furthermore, Oriflame gathered 4 500 new Facebook likes and 1100 permissions for direct marketing.
Most importantly, the More by Demi bag sold 4 times more than forecasted and the overall sales during the sales period were 42 % greater than the previous year, which was contributed to by the buzz generated during the campaign. Aside from their usual activities, the campaign was the only marketing action taken during the sales period.