Schweppes is the oldest beverage in the world and the most popular mixer in Finland. The traditional and global brand was in need of social media presence and active fan community to support their other marketing in Finland. Before this, Schweppes has been investing a lot in traditional media and promotion in Finland, but they considered it essential to also include social media in their media pallette.


Beginning of the year 2013 Dingle and Schweppes examined together how to approach the matter: which social media outlet would be relevant to this popular consumer product and who would be the suitable target groups precisely in social media. After the background work, Dingle planned and conceptualized a Facebook strategy that was compatible with the brand’s objectives and values. The Facebook page was launched in April 2013. Together with quality content production, Facebook advertising also boosts visibility.


In just three months, size of the community has grown from zero to over 4300 fans, and Schweppes’s content reaches over 960 00 Facebook users at its best. Especially well the page has reached the desired target groups, and they now comprise 54,8% of all the fans. The community continues to grow steadily and with this rate, goals will be reached at the end of the year. In future social media and Facebook will be a crucial part of Schweppes’s marketing strategy in Finland.