Dingle JackBot

How to combine quality content and technology into a fluent buyer’s journey?

More than 60% of companies’ website visitors are potential customers. However, on average, conversion rates rest below 3%. That’s more than 50% of the potential wasted.

The new Dingle JackBot-solution makes your website interactive and conversational. Your customer gets to enjoy the pleasure of personalised content and a more fluent browsing experience since they don’t have to look for content from overloaded websites. Content-rich dialogue provides value to the user, and besides improving conversion rates, it enhances the user experience.

JackBot combines quality content and InpageBot-technology to create a fluent buyer’s journey, leading to a faster and more likely conversion. Purchase, contact submission, request for quotation – whatever the desired outcome might be, you can expect to see improved results.

Have a chat with our own JackBot and see for yourself how it works!